Mike Kras wins Dutch Open MX1 in Mill

maandag 24 maart 2014

Mike Kras of the Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki Team has won the Dutch Open MX1 in Mill. For Mike this was his first ever Dutch Open win of his career. He also is the new leader in the championship after two rounds.


The track was changed a lot compared to the previous years with a lot of extra wave sections in it. Mike was feeling well and everything went good in practice. He did a few fast laps and set the fastest time in the middle of the session. Nobody was able to catch Mike’s time and so he took the pole position.


Mike took a good start in the first moto and had a nice battle with Todd Waters and Marc de Reuver during the race. Mike was riding in second position for a long time but in the closing stages of the race he started to put the pressure on leader Todd Waters. With a nice passing manoeuvre he took over the lead and never looked back. Mike won the first moto and this was his first ever moto win in a Dutch Open Championship race.


His start in the second moto was again good and in the beginning he was riding in second position. After a few laps he got passed by Joel Roelants. Mike kept the pace as high as he could but in the closing stages of the race Marc de Reuver started to close down the gap to him. Mike kept pushing and managed to held on to third position till the chequered flag waved. This was enough for Mike to win his first ever Dutch Open Championship round in the MX1 class.


After two rounds he is leading the championship with a small advantage over Marc de Reuver.


Rene de Jong went out in the 125 class. Rene was enthusiastic to go out in practice. After a few fast laps he set the fifteenth fastest time but this wasn’t the position where he wanted to go for.


In the first moto he didn’t took a good start and at the end of the first lap he came by start/finish in fifteenth position. In the second lap he managed to pass two riders and worked himself up into thirteenth position. Unfortunately he made a small crash soon after and dropped back to seventeenth position. He started a charge back through the field and worked himself back up to twelfth position.


His start in the second moto was again not so well and this time he came out of the first lap in fourteenth position. In the second lap he lost a few positions and dropped back to seventeenth position. Rene kept fighting and with still two laps to go he had worked himself up into fourteenth position. In the final two laps he managed to pass two more riders and crossed the finish line in twelfth position.


Overall he finished in twelfth position in Mill. Rene is not satisfied about his riding. He had hoped for a better result. He will now focus himself on round three of the series in Axel.


First moto MX1:

1 Mike Kras

2 Todd Waters

3 Marc de Reuver

4 William Saris

5 Filip Bengtsson


Second moto MX1:

1 Joel Roelants

2 Todd Waters

3 Mike Kras

4 Marc de Reuver

5 Pasal Raucheneker


Overall MX1:

1 Mike Kras 45 Pnt

2 Todd Waters 44 Pnt

3 Marc de Reuver 38 Pnt

4 Filip Bengtsson

5 William Saris


Overall 125cc:

1 Davy Pootjes 50 Pnt

2 Bas Vaessen 44 Pnt

3 Max Engelen 40 Pnt

4 Ivanov Baranov 34 Pnt

5 Tomass simoleika 31 Pnt

12 Rene de Jong 18 Pnt