Mike Kras second in the Dutch Open in Emmercompascuum

maandag 17 maart 2014

Mike Kras of the Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki Team finished on the podium in the opening round of the Dutch MX1 Series in Emmercompascuum. The rider from Fijnaart finished in second position in both motos, which gave him second overall as well. In the second moto he was leading the race but in the middle of the race he got passed by Marc de Reuver and had to be satisfied with second position.


After a good preparation, Mike was ready to go in Emmercompascuum. The circumstances were fine and Mike felt himself at home on the track. He did several fast laps in practice and finally he took the pole position.

In the first moto he took a good start and came out of the first lap in third position. In the beginning of the race he was looking what the riders in front of him were doing. After a few laps he took over second position from August Justs and kept leader Marc de Reuver in his sights. He managed to stay close to de Reuver till the end of the race but wasn’t able to make the difference and finished the race in second position.

In the second moto he took the holeshot and was leading the race for a couple of laps. Things were going fine for Mike till he made a few mistakes in the middle of the race. Marc de Reuver took advantage of the situation and managed to pass Mike. He tried to follow de Reuver but due to arm pump he had to lower the pace a little bit and had to settle for second position.

With a 2-2 in the motos he finished second overall in Emmercompascuum. The second round of the series will be held in Mill this Sunday.

Mike Kras:’’I am satisfied about my riding. In this opening round it is important to score consistent. You have a lot to lose here and nothing to win so I am happy with my results. In the second moto I have tried to beat Marc but I got some arm pump. I am looking forward to the second round in Mill and I hope to score well there as well’’.

First moto:

1 Marc de Reuver

2 Mike Kras

3 Marcus Schiffer

4 Ceriel Klein Kromhof

5 Filip Bengtsson


Second moto:

1 Marc de Reuver

2 Mike Kras

3 Rick Satink

4 August Justs

5 Ceriel Klein Kromhof



1 Marc de Reuver 50 Pnt

2 Mike Kras 44 Pnt

3 Ceriel Klein Kromhof 34 Pnt

4 August Justs 32 Pnt

5 Rick Satink 31 Pnt