Mike Kras on the podium in the Dutch Supercross in Zuidbroek

zondag 03 november 2013

Mike Kras of the Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki Team finished on the podium at the Dutch Supercross in Zuidbroek. On his RM-Z250 he managed to win on Saturday and finished third overall on Sunday. With these results he finished in second position overall.


After a small break, the Dutch Supercross in Zuidbroek was Mike’s first big race again. After several practice sessions during the week he was ready to go in the races on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday evening started with some bad luck for Mike. In his qualifying heat he collided with a few other riders and crashed. With a deep cut in his back he continued in the race but it wasn’t enough to qualify himself directly for the main races. Thanks to a win in the last chance he had a place in the main races.

In both heats he had to start from the outside. In the first moto he took a decent start. Mike was riding aggressively and in a few laps he had worked himself up to second position. Dominique Thury was pressuring Mike and when Mike let the door a little bit too far open, Thury ran into him and due to this Mike crashed. Luckily he still managed to finish the race in fourth position. In the second moto he came out of the first corner in second position and in the second corner he moved into the lead. In the beginning of the race he managed to make a small gap over the rest of the field. During the race Sulivan Jaulin closed down the gap to Mike. Both riders had a nice battle but Mike kept pushing and managed to win the race.

With a fourth position in the first moto and a win in the second moto, Mike won the overall on Saturday.

On Sunday he took a good start in the first heat and it didn’t took him long before he had worked himself up into the lead. Mike gave everything he had and made a small gap over himself and Dominique Thury. In the closing stages of the race Thury closed down the gap again and finally managed to pass Mike. The rider from Fijnaart became a little bit tired because he hadn’t ridden the bike so much for around five weeks but kept pushing and finished the race in a strong second position.

In the second heat he took a really poor start and went into the first corner in the back of the pack. Mike started a charge back through the field and passed one rider after another. When he had worked himself up into third position, the two leaders were already too far gone. Mike didn’t took any risks anymore and settled for third position.

With a 2-3 in the motos he finished in third position overall. After two days of supercross he climbed on the podium with second position overall.

Overall SX2 Saturday:
1 Mike Kras 43
2 Gaetan le Hir 43
3 Sulivan Jaulin 42
4 Dominique Thury 42
5 Marcus Lee Soper 30

Overall SX2 Sunday:
1 Dominique Thury 50
2 Sulivan Jaulin 42
3 Mike Kras 42
4 Gaetan le Hir 36
5 Christopher Bayliss 30