Micha Boy de Waal third in the Coupe de L'avenir with Team Holland

zondag 07 oktober 2012

Micha Boy de Waal of the Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki Team finished fourth overall in the Coupe de L’avenir in Nismes, Belgium. Because of the muddy track circumstances Micha Boy had to come into the pits for a new goggle in the first moto. From 28th position he worked his way back up to eight position. In the second moto he was riding a strong moto and despite a crash he managed to finish the race in fourth position. Because a rider in front of him got disqualified he was classified in third position. Together with the Dutch Team he finished third overall.


The track circumstances were really bad on Saturday. It was raining from time to time and due to this it was really muddy on the track. In the difficult circumstances Micha Boy tried to put a fast lap together for a few times. It was really difficult to ride a lap without making a mistake. After several attempts Micha Boy set the eight fastest time in qualifying.

On Sunday the weather was much better but the track was still really muddy. In the first moto he had a little bit of bad luck during the first lap. He got a lot of mud on his goggle and he was forced to go back to the pits to get a new one. From 28th position he started a charge back through the field. Micha Boy passed one rider after another and worked himself back up to eight position. Soon after he was right behind the sixth and seventh place riders. Unfortunately he made a mistake and dropped back to outside of the top ten. In the closing stages of the race he gave everything he had and managed to finish the race in eight position.

In the second moto he took a decent start and started the race around twelfth position. He found his rhythm straight away and after a few laps he had worked his way up to fourth position. Micha Boy set his sights on the riders in front of him but due to a small crash he dropped back to eight position again. In the closing stages of the race he managed to come back to fourth position and because the third place rider got disqualified he finished the race in third position.

Overall he finished in fourth position and together with Team Holland he finished in third position. In two weeks time the Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki Team will participate in the final round of the Dutch Open Championship Series in Harfsen.