Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki Team shows good speed at the supercross in Zuidbroek

maandag 05 november 2012

The Beursfoon Rockstar Suzuki Team is looking back at the Dutch Supercross in Zuidbroek with mixed feelings. The American Michael Leib was fast enough to win but lost the lead because of a broken gear shifter in the main event on Saturday. On Sunday he got ill and wasn’t able to race. After the semi  final he decided to sit out the rest of the day. Mike Kras did well in Zuidbroek and managed to finish in sixth and eight position in the finals.


On Friday both riders were fast in the time practice sessions. This gave the team hope for the rest of the weekend. On Saturday Michael managed to win his semi final and was on pole position for the main event. Mike finished in fifth position in the semi final which was just enough to qualify himself directly for the main event. In the main event it was Michael who was leading the race for a long time but unfortunately disaster struck the young American because he hit a strawbale and due to this his gear shifter broke off. This was the end of the race for Michael and disappointed he went back to the paddock. After fourteen laps Mike finished the race in sixth position.

The team was ready to take their revenge on Sunday. Unfortunately Michael got ill and decided together with the team to sit out the rest of the day after a heavy crash in the semi final.

For Mike it was a hard day because he had to ride the last chance qualifier to qualify himself for the main event. After a nice holeshot he managed to win this race and was able to participate in the final. In the final he was doing a great job. In the beginning of the race he was riding just behind the leading group but unfortunately he got tired and had to lower the pace. Mike tried to make no mistakes and finished the race in eight position.


Overall Mike finished in sixth position. Next weekend he will participate in the first round of the German ADAC Supercross Series in Stuttgart.

Results supercross Zuidbroek:

Final Saturday:
1 Filip Neugebauer
2 Jef Alessi
3 Cole Siebler
4 Teddy Maier
5 Dennis Ullrich
6 Mike Kras
DNF Michael Leib

Final Sunday:
1 Dennis Ullrich
2 Teddy Maier
3 Cole Siebler
4 Jeff Alessi
5 Filip Neugebauer
8 Mike Kras

1 Dennis Ullrich 41 Pnt
2 Filip Neugebauer 41 Pnt
3 Teddy Maier 40 Pnt
4 Cole Siebler 40 Pnt
5 Jeff Alessi 40 Pnt
6 Mike Kras 28 Pnt